The egg and spoon race

Frances writes:

hey len hope use are all good, thanx again for the picture if it wasnt for you i wouldn’t have many pictures of mia so thanx. we had a good day today there was an olympic event at mine today bit like sports day mia was playing in the paddling pool all day and eating bbq i won a few things i played pepper pig snakes and ladders and won a chocolate bar for mia. i won a egg and spoon race to and won a clock for mia’s bed room. mia has been so good we are having such a great time doing mother and daughter bondin its so fun and so enjoable i love my little princess she is the best thing in my world we have had are little family time to going out for walks and watching movies together. my mum is ok to she is at home still and on the mend thank god, i do worry about my mum sometimes im scared of anything extreamly bad happening. going to start going to mother and toddler groups at the community center near me and going to take mia swimming too soon she loves water she sould play in it all day. im still not having no look with housing i keep bidding but not had nothing yet 3 people in here that i have got to no pritty well are moving out in the next month or so but they have been her 2/3 years. im trying to find a nice place to go on holiday in wales i can get a grant off jane for a holiday so im looking. it will be nice to go on our first family holiday and get some fresh air and new cenary evenif it is still in england.
p.s hopefully catch up soon take care all off use

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