Saving up

Frances writes:

just been a bit peed off this week and stressed my mum wasnt well again but she is ok now she is at home still. the bank has been messing me around disabling my online accound and freezing my card till i confirmed the transactions i have made. im waiting for loads of repairs to be done at mine that i have been waiting for for a long time i need a new bath, my toilet is leeking, i have a hole in the wall bihind the door, my hot water goes cold after you wash a set of pots, need new carpets. the list goes on and on im still waiting to be ofered a house i keep biding but not heard nothing back i might just go privet but i cant find 1 where i want it. mia is good she is practicing her walking. i was saving up for her birthday had about £200 and someone came and stole it so i have to start again and i only have a couple of months. hassan is good to but still has’nt been offered any jobs he has applied for.

…and a message to me:

p.s i’m not sure what i’m doing this week got no money to go anywhere so i will proply be stuck in but feel free to come and see me if i decide to go out or have money to i will let u no so you can come along

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