Her first tooth

Frances writes:

this week was ok apart from i didnt go out much. i had a doctors appoiontment for a hpv jab (civical cancer) but when i went to pick the jab up from the pharmasist they didnt have it so i had to re book my apiontment. mia has been screaming all week and finally yesterday she got her first tooth i was buzzing i told everyone on the bus when i went out. i went to see my mum yesterday not seen her in a week she is doing better again tho. i dont no when sheis getting her leg yet but she has just had an intercom fitted so she can let people in with a botton insted or rolling there. bit down this week for money dont no how but i really dont get as much as a need but i just have to do with it. hassan is ok he is just looking for more jobs and playing the lottery hoping he is going to be a big winner 1 day but we’re not getting anywhere.i love this lap top its wicked i take it everywhere i can do everything it’s helping me plan mia’s birthday 2 so convienient, i can just go on it when ever i have an idea.

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