Mia goes paddling

Frances writes from her new ‘lappy’:

its friday. been in college this week how a dpepressing tuesday dont no y just felt like crying all day wednesday was better my mum went home on tuesday i went to see her she is well thank god but hopefully she wont get bad again and have to go back in i come back from hassans mums on wednesday after i finished collge had a ok night my friend came round and we were chatting and remanising i went in the big back garden with mia on thursday to enjoy the weather was out all day mia loved it we even got to no the naighbours. mia was spashing in the paddeling pool and i was making friends i regret staying out there for so long un covered because i have heat stroke now. i dont think im going anywere today i cant move it hurts tomuch mia is fine tho. mia was being nasty to me tho this morrning she kept scratching me and slapping my legs painfull. There is a take away evening on saturday i can pick anything i want and the staff pay so i will be going down for that and then sunday i will probaly get my stuff ready to go back down to hassans mums.

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