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it’s been a good easter holiday but there has been nothing really to do my sister and all the kids stayed a few nights so my flat was a bit cramped but i enjoyed the company. my sister has been giving me parenting help, getting mia into a bedtime routine and it has worked, well she has 5 kids so she has enough experience but she said she didn’t get how to do it till the last 2. mia is being an angel since my sister come she goes to sleep without kicking off more or less when i want but i try to make it the same times everyday. mia is 7 months now, wow how time passes fast she is crawling better and can sit up from lying down on her own she is even trying to pull her self up using things like the table. i want to start planning her birthday party soon get things ready so i no what im gonna do, i no i want it in a big venue and have lots of people. my brother has volenteered to dress as a clown so it should be fun.

me and hassan are back in college on monday i cant wait to get back to work and learn some more. Hassan didn’t pass the test for the fork lift course so he is looking for other courses and opertunities. im applying for my provisional soon so i have some form of id because ive only got my birth certificate and i want to open a new bank account to start saving for mia and rainy days.

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