Bad week #2

Frances and I spoke on the phone tonight. Her mum is no longer in a coma but is still in hospital.

“She went in with breathing difficulties,” she says, slowy. “And then, within a couple of days, she was in a coma. One of my sisters phoned us up and we went down to see her. It was not nice. She had tubes coming out of everywhere: she had a breathing tube coming out of her mouth, a feeding tube up her nose and a cannula in her neck.”

By last weekend the doctors had stablised her breathing and brought her out of the coma.
“She still has to use a mask to breathe, and she is now trying to talk.”

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Frances. As well as her mum, Mia has been poorly too.

“She’s had that hand, foot and mouth disease and now…”
“Hand, foot and mouth?”
“Yeah. And then she got the ’flu, a proper bad one. She’d cry every time she coughed because her throat hurt too much. She’s getting a bit better now, but now I think I’m coming down with it and so I’d rather not go and see my mum in case I give her anything. That’d make her breathing worse.”

We arrange to meet tomorrow. We are both invited to an award ceremony at the town hall when Reclaim gets presented with a Philip Lawrence Award.

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