Pass the parcel

Frances writes:

i enjoyed my birthday i didnt do much i went to the reclaim office for some dinner/snacks its was fun mia got passed round like pass the parcel she loved all the attention and everyone sang happy birthday. i got a new phone off hassan a ring from mia/hassan a bag of one sister and bracelets of my other sister my mum couldn’t get me anything because she is still in hospital she has just had another operation to open the vessels in her leg to help circulations heal the foot if that doesn’t work they will amputate more hopefully she will be home for christmas and spend it with me and my sister and her kids. i have still got mold someone is suposed to be coming to fix it and the boiler is still not working i have give up on that now i have been waiting months but its still not been fixed after loads of different people have been out and had a look all they say is it should be working tomorrow if not ring us back and will sort it out. well hey its still the same what am i suposed to do i just have to continue to boil the kettle and like i have time for that every day mia has needs to i cant wait to move there is nothing but problems here all the time it does my head in. got a call yesterday of the dentist saying to go in next week to get my tooth out had nothing but problems with that to but finally something will get done wish me look they not putting me to sleep just gonna dope me up on a lot of gas. i rang the college to yesterday to see if the courses will be in january because no one has been in contact but there is courses and im on it its starting on the 16 of january but i have to enrol on the 13 december cant wait hope i do well im really gonna try this time i dont wont to give up but it will be hard mia is not that old and hassan will be going back to work hopefully because he has got an interview soon. so it looks like things are starting to happen except moving hopefully soon though

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