She makes us laugh

Frances writes:

mia has been a little dimond these past cupple of days more then usual it seems when im hapy it rubs of on her she has been doing some seriouse smiling and gigling its so cute she makes me and hassan laugh 2. Hassan has been great like always making me hapy and helping me with everyday things from cleaning to looking after mia so i can have my own time to do my thing he is realy sweet, im more hapy now i have him and we have mia we are a proper family. I went to see my mum today she is stil in the hospital she seems wel but she stil has problems with the pain its sad but at least she gets cumpany mybe not as much as i would like her to have but we al have are own lifes i wil continue to go and see her as much as i can tho just thought i would give u an up date on the past couple of days

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